You’ll never believe the tongue-lashing that I’ve just been given over the lack of blog postings this month. It was … well … quite fun actually.

Because – heavens be praised – it wasn’t from The Vicar, which would be ULTRA SCARY – we’re talking turn the amp up to fifteen and let it feedback out of control. No. It was from his new PR/Social Media specialist, who is, well, a SHE.

I’m not going to be all sexist and tell you what she looks like, because we all know that if “she” was a “he”, I wouldn’t bother – but she is no way as scary as The Vicar (although I suspect she’s got quite a temper on her).

And yes, I know you’re all going to point out that she gets what she wants because here I am tapping away. Well – obviously! DUH!

So watch this space, there should be regular updates this year. Starting first thing Monday!

P.S. And as everyone involved with The Vicar has to have a silly name, I hereby name our latest addition “The Orifice” (joke on The Oracle from The Matrix). Now we will find out if she has a sense of humour.