Safely back from Japan and Canada, my first time north of the 49th parallel. Seems that his Hairyness (sorry, his holiness!) designed this trip specially so that I would staying in each country just long enough to almost adjust to the jetlag before moving on and repeating the endless sleepless nights. What I wouldn’t give to go to bed and not wake up at 3am, all alone, unloved (fill in your own sad adjectives). Thanks all those who came to all the talks. It is my first time in Japan since the last Vicar interview tour in 2013. The Vicar would tell you that “There remains something wonderful about the people, the quality that everyone brings to their work: the way that your tea is served, your bed is made or you are welcomed to the hotel.” Yawn! Much more important is the sushi, the hi-tech, and the strange obsession of grown women who want to dress up like schools girls. What’s that about?!