1. I admit it (even though I’ve done it already). I, Punk Sanderson, agree that this new website is maybe slightly better than my trusty old one (although I still miss the scrolling underpants).

So can you please now stop sending your emails to The Vicar with all your gushing “it’s-so-purrfect” praise – which just pisses me off, as really what you mean is that my old site was a load of old s**t.

(Isn’t this great, I’m filling his Hairyness’s glossy new site with swear words. Perhaps I could add a few more like…well maybe not actually, as I don’t want to get fired, Not just before Xmas).

Anyway, in case I do get the push and never speak to you all again, Have a Happy Xmas and I hope next year brings me everything that you want.