As those who have read the books or diaries will know, The Vicar is a lover of drummer jokes (what else would you expect from a man who works regularly with the best drummers in the world, has a drummer as an assistant, and yet refuses to put drums on his albums). What we didn’t know, until Punk started adding them to his Twitter and Tumblr feed, was that lots of people like drummer jokes – including most drummers. So after years of putting together the ultimate collection (and writing a few himself) The Vicar has released a drummer joke app. And what’s even better the basic version, available on iTunes, is free! Android version coming shortly.

And it’s not just jokes, for those who are addicted to guessing games, you also get to guess the names of all the musicians caricatured in the pictures. You can start with the samples below. What’s not to like?!


Next up from The Vicar app team, is a Rock n Roll trivia app – 365 bits of rock n roll trivia each connected to a day of the year. Watch this space





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