The Vicar has always encouraged new and little-known singers – and has now created the “V Factor” so that everyone can have the chance to sing on his next album. Just download an existing backing track and add your own vocal.

Forget vocal pyrotechnics, razzamatazz and radical re-interpretations – as well as big hair with flashy clothes. If that is your bent, then a certain Simon Cowell is your man. He will also offer fame and fortune.


This is much more demanding. Singers who can sing a melody, simple and unadorned, and speak directly to your soul, with the simplicity of a singer/songwriter. Not much to ask.

Successful singers will be invited into the studio with The Vicar to sing his new songs for Songbook #2 – while any exciting new performances of the songs from Songbook #1 will also be offered for download in a new edition. Follow the simple steps here.


The important bit. The music itself. Click on a player to listen to any of the songs and view details of the musicians. We encourage, nay beg you to share the links. Enjoy!




Get in touch with Punk Sanderson, The Vicar’s assistant. He doesn’t bite!


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