Woah! The playback of The Vicar songbook #1 was, well, just fabulastic (The Vicar didn’t attend the playback, of course, but what would you expect).

Our compere for the day was the Tall Pointy One (that would be David Singleton to anyone who hasn’t followed The Vocar’s diaries) – and also JJ from Dolby – who described the album as the future of High Definition Music. Maybe The Vicar’s not just a pretty face after all. If I work out how, I will upload some photos of all the various celebrities and super models who attended (the invitations also promised Susho on Naked Dancers, but i didn’t spot either, although there was plenty of beer to quaff)

Anyway, I crept in, and it was fab do. So the album’s well and truly launched. God bless this ship and all who sail in her.