For those interested in the thinking behind DGM Ltd, that is the subject of this week’s excerpt from Robert and my evening in New York last autumn. It was one of my favourite evenings, so the law of Sod of course dictates that this would be the one night when most of the cameras failed. It appears that if the cameras switch off for whatever reason while filming, the file is there – a huge 100 GB file in some cases – but it appears be completely unplayable (despite various possible solutions discoverd online) . If anyone has discovered a rescue solution that works, then I am all ears (and eyes)!
It is always instructive (and somewhat painful) to watch your own performances. This was the only night when I took some notes on stage – and I must apologize to Robert for the fact that I keep sneaking a glance at them when my attention should have been 100% on what he is saying. Always room for improvement!