Thanks to all those who have sent details of reviews – it seems that the world is gradually spotting our brilliance (ahem!). Two that we had not seen before are A Place to Hang your Cape and Comic Spectrum. Some choice highlights include :

“…here we have some of the most off-beat and crazy characters imaginable. Punk Sanderson is a seemingly never sober musician (in the Punk genre, funnily enough) who is obsessed with a band that, for legal reasons, has to be referred to as ‘Tits N Arse’. Punk is the assistant of the Vicar, a music producer who is mostly drawn with his face appearing off-panel. Our two heroes find themselves drawn into a mystery involving famous singers, an airline called Sleazy Jet, and cafes called Coffeesucks.

The real world this ain’t. Or as they put it “if you’re expecting romance, you’re reading the wrong book”. Romance may not be in abundance here, but laughs certainly are.

…a look inside the British music industry, replete with large breasted women, copious amount of drinking & drugs, and capricious musical artists, just what I’d imagine the music industry is like!”

There is also a wonderful plug for Punk’s videoblogs:

“…What I found that was phenomenal is a series of YouTube videos by “Punk Sanderson”…If you have any interest in music, comedy, or just plain great entertainment, click on the video and enjoy!”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.