Thanks to Lydia who spotted this review of The Vicar Chronicles on the CultDen website. At the risk of inflating Punk’s already inflated ego, the choice bits read as follows:

…”this isn’t about a detective story, this is the Airplane of the music world, Monty Python’s Life of Punk, if you will.

Punk Sanderson is a multi-talented artist. A video blogger, a musician (ok, a drummer), and graphic novelist. His name is changed because he would inevitably get sued for libel. He is a joke to some and hero to others and,whilst I don’t know the guy personally, I am certainly edging more towards hero.

I loved this book. Two tales, ‘The Mysterious Case of Billy’s G String’ and ‘The Absurd Nonsense of the Orange Eyebrow ‘ that could be real life told humorously or fiction written strangely. Not for everyone’s tastes, and I get why, but a superb take on the music industry I both admire and despise. I can’t help but read it again and again.

Anyone who has spotted any other reviews, please let us know!