Step 1. Select a song from Songbook#1 that speaks to you. You can click through the album above, and preview all the songs.

Step 2. Once you have chosen a song (or songs), use the DOWNLOAD BACKING TRACK link,

Step 3. Add your own vocal.

Step 4. Upload your work to a streaming site, such as Soundcloud or Youtube, or email it to You should credit your new version with your name and then VFactor ie. Yourname (VFactor), and use #IamTheVicar in the tags. The title of the song can also be added to the title and/or the tags.

The Vicar will work in the studio with those chosen to sing the new songs for Songbook #2. Any wonderful takes of the existing tracks will also be used in an album of alternative takes. It couldn't be more simple. If you need help, then contact us. We don't bite.

For those whose skills are artistic rather than musical, you can also get involved by submitting possible photo-sightings of the notoriously camera-shy Vicar. Throughout the year, The Vicar will select twelve images to accompany each of the tracks from the new album.

£100 for any images used on releases.