Be The Singer

The Legal bit:

You are free to download these backing tracks for the purpose of adding a new vocal. New versions can be posted publicly for streaming online at sites such as Youtube or Soundcloud, or be emailed to They must not be offered for download.

You are asked to credit your new version with your name and then VFactor ie. Yourname (VFactor) and to use #IamTheVicar in the tags. The title of the song can also be added to the title and/or the tags.

You may not use any part of this for commercial purposes without permission from the originators and copyright holders.

TheVicar Ltd will operate the copyright in the resulting recordings on behalf of the artists. The Vicar has long championed artists' rights, and, other than for streaming in relation to this contest, these remixes will not be used without the consent of the singers, who will be paid an appropriate royalty if their work is offered for sale.

For any re-use or distribution you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any unlawful use by others stemming from your failure to make clear these terms may make you liable.

Usage of these backing tracks is taken as agreement of these terms. Open worldwide to entrants who are aged 13 or older. Entrants who are under the age of majority in their country should get parent(s) or guardian(s) permission before entering.

The Tracks:

The Moony SongFLAC MP3
Twenty TwoFLAC MP3
San ManuelFLAC MP3
Man with a WomanFLAC MP3
Childhood DaysFLAC MP3
She Closes Her EyesFLAC MP3
ForeverFLAC MP3
In Dying FireFLAC MP3
Three Sides of MeFLAC MP3
Count Your BlessingsFLAC MP3
Inside My HeadFLAC MP3
Lonely SundayFLAC MP3
That Boys Not CoolFLAC MP3