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A mystery trip down the twisted lanes of English psychedelia!

So what do you get? Nothing less than fourteen songs featuring The Vicar's unique string and chamber pop, played by some of the world's outstanding musicians. By contrast, continuing his lifelong passion for unearthing new or undervalued talent, The Vicar throws the vocal microphone to emerging singers spotted at small venues or on the internet and lesser-known cult favourites.


The songs go everywhere pop songs should - Gay bars in New York (Man with a Woman), Adolescence (Twenty Two), Moonstruck love (The Moony Song), Vanity (That Boy's Not Cool), Nostalgia (Childhood Days) - and a few places they probably shouldn't  - a world without belief (San Manuel. Lonely Sunday), a mother coping with the death of a child (Count Your Blessings), and the simply surreal (Inside my Head).

The surround sound version of the album has already been heralded by the sonic supremos at Dolby Sound labs as “the future of high-definition music.” What do you think?





The important bit. The music itself. Click on a player to listen to any of the songs and view details of the musicians. We     encourage, nay beg you to share the links. Enjoy!



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