Yes, yes, the important bit. The book itself. Click on a tablet to read any of the chapters. Or even all of them. Share with your friends (unless, like Punk, you don’t have any).  Enjoy!

The Vicar and Punk fly to the MIDEM music festival in France, where Punk's hopes of stardom are overshadowed by threats from a madman with an Orange Eyebrow. Oh yes, and a mad flirtation with his housemate, Venus Crappenleigh, who is not all she seems…while The Vicar chuckles on the balcony.


This is the second of The Vicar Chronicles - the tits-poppingly funtastic series of whodunnits about the fictional (and not-so-fictional) adventures of THE VICAR, as seen through the witty, irreverent eyes of his assistant PUNK SANDERSON.



It is available in print in a double edition with Chronicle the First, and as a standalone ebook (albeit with advice from The Vicar for radical souls who like to leap into the middle of things).


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