Yes, yes, the important bit. The book itself. The fruits of days, weeks, even months of toil - with Punk Sanderson locked away in a tape store by his boss, The Vicar, until it was finished. Click on a tablet to read any of the chapters. Or even all of them. Share with your friends (unless, like Punk, you don’t have any).  Enjoy!

Where it all started. The first of the surreal adventures of the legendary music producer and great British eccentric, THE VICAR, as scribbled by his witty, irreverent assistant PUNK SANDERSON. Originally an online blog, this poptastic tale of misdeeds in the music industry is now available as an ebook or in print in a double edition with Chronicle the Second.


In a tale that blurs the lines between fact and fiction (what would you expect in a story written by a flatulent drummer?!) PUNK SANDERSON takes us into The Vicar’s world as he protects a famous singer from a campaign to sabotage her career while fighting her crooked manager over unpaid royalties. And just why is he so worried about a photocopier?!



An average Rock ‘n’ Roll day.


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