Do you like books with pictures? The Vicar’s assistant PUNK SANDERSON certainly does (or at least, ahem, magazines anyway) which is why The Vicar Chronicles are now available as a graphic novel.


A four year search for the perfect illustrator for The Vicar Chronicles, begun by the literary agent Luke Janklow, ended with the blossoming of the exceptional talents of Ben Singleton,  David’s eldest son (who was only fourteen when the search began). He has illustrated both Graphic Novels in The Vicar Chronicles series and hundreds of   associated cartoons.

So many unanswered questions. Who is sabotaging the concerts of a famous singer? Is her manager as crooked as he seems? Is the music producer, The Vicar the right person to protect her? Can his bumbling sidekick, Punk Sanderson really be that incompetent? Are the winning lottery numbers 5,9,19,21,23,39? The Vicar Chronicles Graphic Novels start here.





Yes, yes, we know this is meaningless unless you can actually read the book. A bit like watching a cookery programme without getting to taste anything (which we do all the time. What’s that about?!). So here it is. The book itself. Click on a tablet to read any of the chapters. Or even all of them. Make Punk’s day and share with your friends. Enjoy!


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